Tuesday, June 13, 2006

IF I WERE: A robot

I'd make my bed every day. I'd brush and floss after every meal. I'd do the dishes, dust, disinfect. I'd be very, very clean.

I'd hit on electricians. I'd look up to superconductors. I'd worry about shorts.

Life would make sense. I would enjoy a good cup of coffee without worrying about the existential ramifications of spending three dollars for a beverage that actually depletes my liquid reserves.

Work would involve a lot less singing, very little snacking and absolutely no laughing.

I would be energetic. A team player. A people person. Ready to serve. A piece of work.


rockheals.com said...

1. when did you start drawing robots?
2. why haven't i seen them?
3. i love this entry... it and drawings should find some happy life over in the RH which is somehow not on your links list though my wife is... hmmm...

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