Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm This Big

INTERACTIVE: Post a good egg recipe in the comments. Bonus points for recipes that include food coloring. Best entry will be reposted on my blog.


Dave said...


1. Use a drinking glass or coffee mug to cut a round hole in a piece of white bread.

2. Put the bread on a hot frying pan and then break an egg into the hole. Watch it fry. Salt and pepper to taste.

And, um... add food coloring.

Jon Lee said...

Brilliant! Keep em coming people. Don't let Dave intimidate you with his fancy egg cooking. Let's crack into this thing.

K. Portnoy said...


1. Fry an egg. Dance around.

2. Toast some bread. Dance around.

3. Put the fried egg and toasted bread together. Dance around.

Gregaroo said...


Crack an egg into a coffee cup. Drink it down. Bon appetit.

Jen said...

Eggs in a blanket... it's my favorite.

Cut a hole out of a piece of bread. Cover it with butter on both sides. Heat up a pan... throw that piece of bread in that pan... Crack an egg into the hole... and fry that baby up. Cook it to your liking. I like it when the egg is still a bit runny so you can have a little bit of egg with every bite of that yummy piece of toast.


Anonymous said...

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