Sunday, June 11, 2006

Recurring Dreams

Why do we vote for people and not beliefs?
Same hair. Same suits. Same words.

Why is the idea of a parade better than the reality?
Same elephants. Same floats. Same bare chests.

Why do I contemplate growing out the hair on my head?
Same bald spot. Same horse shoe. Same dream of hair.

It's my only consistent recurring dream. I wake up. I walk to the bathroom. And there I am with a full head of hair. Hi there. Wow. It was all a dream. Deus ex machina. The story is over. Pert Plus is back on the shelf. Boyish life regained.

The current six year-old president, Nate Duffmeister of Illinois, would like to remind you to wash your hands. His vice president, sixty-six year old Merna Johnson of Kansas remembers washing her hands in a sink for the first time and thinking, "All this trouble just to get water to my hands."