Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We all need a guru.
The father of painter Andrew Wyeth, NC Wyeth was an illustrator. Kick ass illustration mind you, illustrating versions of Peter Pan, Treasure Island, Swiss Family Robinson, etc. NC raised Andrew like one of the Lost Boys. It was not a rational "education." In fact, one of NC Wyeth's students, Peter Hurd, noted that the child Andrew could barely read. To this day, Andrew plods along in books. But, um, have you seen Christina's world? Take a look.

The freedoms NC gave his son, the crazy unconventional freedoms, turned Andrew into an illustrator of the soul.

We all need a guru that pushes us to do the unconventional. The scary shite. The stoopid shite. The stuff we're meant to do.

My grandmother used to tell the story of driving through Maine in the summer and seeing Andrew Wyeth on the side of the road with a clothes line across two trees, dozens of watercolors hanging off. To humor him, she bought some of the paintings (a few cents a piece) then threw them away. Whoops.

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