Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Incline your thinking. Eat your heart's breaking until with nothing but dripping from your wounds, you recall a place to say I can't do anymore. Have a meal. Come here. You mister! You mister! You!

Bright lady piece of pie. A settlement. A church steeple with cupcakes. Welcome to my puppet life.

I'm still running from looking angry. I'm still afraid of the dark and what others might say if they knew. I'm still unaccepting of the sticky that shoots. I'm still angry and irrational. I'm still eighteen.

A blank curse. You are intense. Paper thin walled-in blend of spirit cell exposure through scientific procedure. Standing strong, with big bag lunch.

To suffer is to human. To want. To play Parcheesi. To understand you are misunderstoodoodood.

Leaps you out of your financial situation and turns you into a provider. It turns mortals into mothers.

That at some point something unexpected will happen. That wise people think bad thoughts. That there is peace beyond the question.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Went to Bread and Puppet's performance of the Sourdough Philosophy Circus at St. Stephen's Church in DC. Revelry mixed with dissent and Michael Jackson. A yummy recipe indeed.

Monday, October 06, 2008


I am a noodle. Full of carbs and power and squiggly goodness. I am a noodle getting ready to be eaten. I am a noodle in a bowl full of noodles. Squiggling and wriggling and hugging up against other noodles full of carbs and power and wiggly goodness. All of us, getting ready to be eaten.