Thursday, May 25, 2006

This is Not Real

Roger Water's Radio Kaos tells the story of a young Billy who is a vegetable. Billy can receive radio waves in his mind. He learns to manipulate the waves to call a local anarchist radio station. Oh yeah, and he takes control of the world's nuclear weapons and detonates all of them. It's only a simulation. No one dies.

When we are asleep, our body is paralyzed. During dreams our minds go through the same synaptic responses used during the day. According to our minds, the simulation of our dream world is the same as our real world.

Reality television is a controlled simulation of real-life experiences. Nonetheless, the general public reads reality television as the real deal. Fans of American Idol become attached to their favorites and have begun to suspect a conspiracy.

I bought an XBOX 360 on Tuesday. I bought a racing game called Burnout Revenge. The game allows me to drive at 200 miles an hour and fuck shit up. In fact, the more cars I crash, the higher my score and the faster I can go. I do not own a car. I ride a bicycle. Since Wednesday, my biking has become a bit erratic. I swerve a little more and I have been trying to ride as fast as I can. I haven't had the urge to crash into any moving vehicles, but I'm worried I might run into a wall or a parked car. I do not own a helmet. I'm going to buy a helmet today.