Tuesday, May 23, 2006

This blog ain't over.

Okay. I over reacted. I threw the goat a little far. Over shot my arrow. Jumped into the deep end. Painted the house and the yard. Digested my food and myself.

Trains are amazing. There are house boats. Are there house trains? I know, I know, circuses. But could I rent an apartment on Amtrak? That'd be sweet. Though I'd get sick of the cruddy microwaved breakfast sandwiches. No, honestly. Is it that tough to toast bread?

Two roosters meet each other in the middle of an arena. They're all full of adrenaline and ready to rip the other apart. The house goes wild. Yelling. Who wins? I don't care. This is a great excuse to buy some cotton candy.

George Stephanopolous walked into a deli on M Street this morning. John C. Reilly was pushing a stroller down a subway in Brooklyn last weekend. Kurt Loder walked down Broadway near 66th Street three weeks ago. Famous people are real.