Thursday, May 25, 2006


I don't own a car. It's worth every bummed ride, every late subway train. I don't have to find parking. I don't have to buy gas or insurance. I don't have to worry about crashing or needing repairs.

I bought my bike a year ago in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC. It's a Dahon folder. Fits in my closet. Looks cool. Has eight speeds. Gets me to work in 15 minutes.

I don't own a house. I live in a small studio apartment in the U Street corridor of DC. I can walk to work. There are three grocery stores within an 8 block radius. I have many bars to choose from and a beautiful park just out the building's entrance.

I bought a large jade plant from Home Depot. It looks like a mini tree and I forget to water it sometimes. It makes me feel happy when I look at it. Not as happy as coming home to a dog jumping into my arms, but happy.

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jaime said...

Thanks for the swarmy goodness. I hope to update my links this weekend, so be on the lookout for yerself!

Anonymous said...

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