Monday, July 17, 2006

Are They Allowed to Do That?

Canon Elph, how I love thee. While strolling around Dupont Circle on Saturday, I ran into Zafar, a travelling drum group from North Carolina. They're on their way to New Hampshire. In between, they're busking in cities and using found objects as their instruments.

They set up shop in front of Starbucks. In the middle of their set I realized, shnikeys, I have a camera. Yay!

When a group of buskers take over DuPont Circle using objects they've found on the streets, it gets my attention. And makes me wonder: Why can't we have this much fun all the time?

DC is thought of as a vanilla town. Not much going on. The subway closes at midnight during the weekend and 3am on the weekends. The mainstream theater scene was created mainly for lobbyists and the mainstream art scene creates stuff meant to show off the walls of over-priced brownstones and condos. But the potential is there.

Want to see the potential? Attend the Capital Fringe Fest.