Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Action Figure

Maxwell's demon, a thought experiment meant to challenge the second law of thermodynamics, posits that the entropy of a system not at equilibrium may, with a little help, be able to decrease instead of increase.

In other words, a cup of hot water placed in a freezer could stay hot if something or someone could track all the molecules in the freezer, find the ones that are faster (thus hotter) than the majority and send them into the area around the cup.

Neofatalists believe our actions are predetermined by our personalities and that, in fact, the whole of existence was predetermined by the cause of events. In other words, neofatalists believe free-will is an illusion, not because we can't choose things, but because our very being is connected to those choices.

I took a walk to work on Monday. I decided to break every action down to its basics. I'm moving forward. I'm moving my left foot. My left foot is hitting the concrete. Every action, deconstructed and broadcast in my nifty little brain. I've taken this walk every day for a year. And I didn't realize, until this walk, that the wall closest to the door in the laundromat next to Moby's kabobs in Georgetown has a poster of Michael Bolton.