Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm dreaming of a stage performance comprised of a woman playing my grandmother. She is shorter and younger and doesn't act anything like her. My real grandfather is there. And my father. She is spunky. And she jumps into my father's arms.

At some point, the dream transitions to me being in the audience and one of the actors I knew from high school comes out in a wolf suit. But you can see the t-shirt and tighty whities he is wearing on underneath the suit. It must be made of pantyhose material. His face is covered by a wolf's head. It's obvious he put this suit on last minute. There is an unidentifiable person/woman on stage with him. He begins to exaggeratedly shimmy and shake around her. Almost as if he is preparing to sacrifice her.

Then I remember I had planned breakfast at 8am with Adam. And I wake up. Feel the wine from last night. And go into the bathroom.

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