Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Predominantly comprised of metal and other carbon-based materials, weapons are a thing of wonder. Used for murder, slaughter, slicing, dicing, destroying, defending and decorating, weapons can give any person, group, municipality, country or room an air of danger and malice.

Sloppy, errant destruction is a thing of the past. Today's weapons are created with a keen sense of purpose. They are not weapons for weapon's sake. They mean business and that's good news for the world's military industrial complex.

Weapons makers, dealers and smugglers have become today's jet set. They're practically stars in their own right. Without them, there'd be no fear, no reason to look behind your back. Without them, life would be a tad bit boring.

Start Touching Weapons

It's a matter of survival.

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Jon Lee said...

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