Friday, March 24, 2006

It's a Humid Heat
I'm in Orlando and it's chilly and cloudy. Where's the magic?

I'm convinced Orlando doesn't want me here. Things that happened the moment I walked into my hotel:
1. The first room I was given was already occupied. The guest was watching NASCAR.
2. The second room I was given had no Internet access.
3. I was "upgraded" to a larger room for my "problems." The room was identical to the first two rooms except it had a love chair instead of a recliner. Neato.

I haven't seen any homeless people since I've gotten to Orlando. That reminds me of a comment one of my friends in the Dominican Republic said after coming back from a trip to the U.S., "There are no children in America. I didn't see one child in the road."


Jen said...

Welcome to the personal blog world. I dare you to find as many opportunities to write about poop like I can.


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